Sirion Air Filters !!


Well is has taken some doing but here we go.

The Sirion before 2005 had quite a few versions.

Basically though there were two air filters for the different Models.

The basic engine (1300 - K3-VE2. 101bhp) has a paper air filter.
The part number for this is 1780197201000.

The Rally 2 & 4 has a Free Flow Air Filter.
(1300 - K3 - VE2. 107 bhp)
Part Number DACC2511.

I hope to put a picture of the two filters side by side on this site very soon.

And I hope this helps you lot asking the questions about this.

Cheers, BobF.

Sirion Filters

Great work Bob and I would urge anyone who has recently bought a Sirion Rally 2 or 4 to CHECK THE AIR FILTER. You will often find the garages have used the paper filter when servicing. I even found 2 Daihatsu Main Dealers locally who have never heard of the free flow filter and openly admit to using standard Paper ones. The problem is the Filter Housing is identical and either filter will fit.
Now it will not be cheap to install the correct filter but the good points are, performance is greatly enhanced and the free flow foam filters last around 4 times longer than the standard filter.

Free Flow filter can be obtained from:-
Woodford Motor Company,

Tel.02085 040017 ask for Ken in Spares.

Cost is..£58.45 + P&P or you can try your local Daihatsu people but be prepared for blank looks!!

Criky - What a Price.

2004 Sirion 1300 4 Track. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape much.

I didn't know they were that much Sad

So I suppose it is a good job they last 4 times longer Smile

And as the paper Filter is £20.

In the end it must be worth it. Wink

Cheers, BobF.

2003 Sirion Rally 4. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape Sirion much.Sorry.

The filter fitted to the

The filter fitted to the SR2/4 is a tack coated foam type, I cant remember exactly (had my R2 in 2004), but it was made by ITG, Pipercross or Ramair.

Although these foam filters are a but less restrictive than the OEM paper filters, they don't filter air as good. Adequate filtration of course, but still not as good. So is you are after keeping the engine in tip-top for the longest life possible, paper is the better choice.

Simply fact is with paper or performance filters (foam or oiled cotton) of the same size, you cant get better airflow without losing some filtration quality.

The foam filters last a lifetime as they can be cleaned and re-oiled whenever you wish, (ITG or Ramair cleaner and tack oil on ebay).

I did fit the paper filter to my Rally 2 to try it out, I noticed no real difference in power or economy, just a bit less induction noise. If anything it pulled better at low revs.

The Sirion filter may well be the same as some of the Toyota's, Not sure but i can have a look in some of my parts catalogues if any of them share same part number, If so there could be many other performance brands available such as K&N, Jetex or Green. I do prefer oiled cotton over foam.

By the way, Dont be tempted to try and make your own induction kit with a cone style filter. I did quite a but of experimenting, including a dyno run, and the original setup worked best for torque/power.