FOUND! fourtrak independant f73/f78 workshop manual...


Hi Guys,
well after 1.5 years of serching it looks like I have found an original daihatsu workshop manual for the rocky/fourtrak f/73/f78 1993-1999. It is very very expensive... nearly fell over when I heard the price, but it is huge over 2 inches thick and covers everything on the vehicle.. so It will take a while but will try and make it available for a reasonable fee.. let me know if you need one... thanx

F78 workshop manual

Could you confirm it covers the '99 F78 Fourtrak Independent and care to quote for mailing a copy on DVD/CD to Cape Town, South Africa, 7602?

Hi mate, Yes it covers all

Hi mate, Yes it covers all f78.. I could have the 97 revision of the manual available if there is enough interest as well.. it would only be very minor differences as they changed almost nothing from 93-99 hence the model number not changing... will have to wait a bit to make it available it is massive and could take a bit of time to make sendable...will keep everyone posted when it is up and available.. thanks...

Great thanks. (btw exciting

Great thanks. (btw exciting times here today, Cape Town a mad house with pending Fifa World Cup draws..view on TV and hope for the best!)

Any news on copies for

Any news on copies for F78?

'94 Fourtrak Independent

'94 Fourtrak Independent

Sorry... yeah working on

Sorry... yeah working on it.. it will take a while but I have the hard copy in my posession now.. it is so big though and will take a while to copy.. but I will definatly make it available for copies once I have scanned it all...

good news

i have a f77 service manual and i drive a 94 rocky with a dl 52 engine, how different is the f78 service manual, btw i am a new owner so treat me like one. and do you know the grade of oil it likes to drink


Hi... your manual covers

Hi... your manual covers engnie and gearbox which is the same.. the differences are.. it gives you all the information about the suspension, stripping the hubs and cv's. has aircon info.. specifies new engine mounts and exhaust components, interior differences... check your manual on the oil side of things as it will be the same..


Good grief, I'd begun to think a workshop manual was like the lost city of Atlantis.

Any idea what the reasonable fee would be?

I think $30 plus $5 postage..

I think $30 plus $5 postage.. considering it cost well over 10 times that amount to aquire.. not to mention the countless hours scanning... what do you guys think of that? it's about 15pounds..

F78 manual

Count me in on that, mrintenso! Been waiting for one of these for 5 years! Just say the word...

Hey guys sorry about the

Hey guys sorry about the delay on the manual... Have just moved house and started a new job.. I have done about 3 sections so far.. will take a while.. I will post a new thread when it is done and contact everyone who has shown interest here when it is done.. thanks for your paitence..

Manual finally ready..

Hey guys thanks for your paitence.. the manual is finally ready and available on ebay.. It is $30 australian and $15 postage to uk.. it is on a dvd-r disc.... anyway hope it helps some of you guys out, has been invaluable to me...

How much would it cost for

How much would it cost for you to send that manual on disk to chile? I would really like a working manual.

Too many interest, not enough dough. Money that is...

F78 manual

Do you still have the copy of the manual? How do I buy a copy? I bought the F77 but there are differences and I keep finding them!

f77 you want the easy to get

f77 you want the easy to get manual for f70/75 etc, there all the same that lot as there leafers not independent suspension series of 73/78

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!
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F78 workshop manual

I am trying to locat f78 workshop manual
Plus wiring schematics