I want a trak


I've made the crazy decision to flog my modern car which is boring the pants off me. I want a good off-roader to go and have some fun in!

I'm used to slowness, noise and flappy doors on the motorway courtesy of my citroen 2cv!

What are the real key things to look for on a Fourtrak? What would make you walk away? My budget is £2k tops so I'm obviously expecting fairly large mileage and probably some "characterful" dents!


At that price all you will be

At that price all you will be buying is a whole lot of grief mate. Just ask a few of the others on here that have gone that route. Stretch your budget a bit and buy mine Smile just put new rear springs on it and it's very tidy for the year. Advertised in sales forum, pics on the picture gallery pages.

Not that you are biased or an

Not that you are biased or anything! Blum 3

I'm unsure of the financial position yet - depends on how much I get for the modern thing!

Any views on the Isuzu Trooper? Seems pretty unburstable like a Trak but more thirsty!