More weird Fourtrak fuel problems


I am having a job solving a fueling problem on 92 2.8TDX, I discovered that it had been running minus the fuel filter since I got it (only 1000 miles ago), connected up the fuel filter with new element and it runs like a dog, hard to start etc, I have replaced the filter head with another old one, same fault. Also on both filter heads I am unable to draw fuel using the manual pump on the filter head, no matter how long I pump it no fuel comes out of the air bleed hole (filter filled with diesel before fitting). The engine runs fine with no probs with direct connection from tank to injection pump but obviously this is an unaceptable situation as the pump will not last long. Is it a know problem with filter heads that they draw air Unknw or is my lift pump knackered (part of of the injection pump I believe? ). Any ideas would be welcomed

I had this on my old f75 had

I had this on my old f75
had loads and loads of problems with it - couldnt work out what it was till i took it to a diesel specialist who fixed it for 40 quid!
he binned the fuel filter and housing and replaced it with a ford escort one! after that it ran perfect until I rolled it onto its roof....

Thanks guys !!!

Thanks a lot for the ideas/info I will try them out this weekend or next week and report back :-)....

Just to let you all know that

Just to let you all know that I fixed the fuel problem buy modifying the filter head with some copper microbore heating tube and some "liquid metal", I removed the pump from the top and sealed upo the holes and used the tubing to provide a path for the fuel. I also replaced the short length of tube from filter to pump for good measure.... running/starting perfectly now !

Faulty filter head

Its a common fault with that type of filter with the hand primer pump fitted, the rubber diaphragm in the pump perishes allowing air to be drawn in. As its not rebuildable the only options are a new filter head from Diahatsu or as previously suggested one from another vehicle. We had the same problem on our company Fourtrak and used a Fiesta Diesel filter, its a self contained cannister with an inlet and outlet pipe the just requires the fuel lines pushing on. I would recommend getting the problem sorted a.s.a.p. as running without the filter could cause serious damage to your injection pump and injectors.

one of the wierds

It's a bit early for this to be happening, but it isn't unknown for flexible fuel lines to collapse internally.

Outside they look fine, but the internal lining collapses and cuts off the fuel flow. A friend had this happen on an Austin Champ military vehicle on, of all things, a brake hose. The collapse was so bad that the brake on one wheel did not operate !

It could be that when you take away the filter, you remove the offending flexible hose with it, giving you the impression that the filter is up the creek.

Will it run at all when the f

Will it run at all when the filter is connected? Even roughly? If so,then try this, Get it going, then undo the fitting that holds the fuel line into the top of number 1 injector. Allow any air to escape. Once the bubbles have stopped, retighten the fitting. I have found that after replacing the fuel filter, even when completely bled with the primer pump, air can still be trapped in the system, making it a dog to run, especially at first startup.
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