Fourtrak servicing in Leicestershire


Does anyone know of a good garage in Leicestershire for repairs & servicing ??

servicing in Leic's

Whats needs doing??? I do all of the work on mine at home...I live in south Leic's....I also a bit on the side for others.....




H im in leicester and having a few problems with mine to:)
ive just changed my head gasket but let some ones put the cam belt back on and sort the timeing marks, anyway i put all the other stuff back on today radiator etc filled up with oil tried to start it and wont start and its not turning over properly,just making a whiring sound?has he put the belt on wrong would that have damaged anything in the head or can the belt be reset?if its any easier for you you can ring us on leicester 01162245109 cheers daz


i think ot might be ok

Your Trak

Sorry, I have not responsed, I have been away on business.

I guess you trak is running now?

I'm not a fourtrak expert, I just enjoy a tinkering......If you get stuck in the future please feel free to give me a call, 07989 444729





servicing in Leics


I need an oil seal doing on one of the back wheels, & a new UJ fitted on the rear prop shaft.

I am in Desford
If you can help me, ring me on 01455 823739 leave a message if i am out & will get back to you

Thank you