temperture sport trak


might be a daft question but where does your temp gage sit on your sport trak when running?.
ive had some problems with over heating recently i took the rad out and ran a high powered hose through it,it seems to have helped
and the gage goes up and down but managed to stay around the half way mark with the heaters off.
so all though its not over heated
i still felt it was running hot
cheers daz.

Temperture Sportrak

Mine never gets much abve the cold mark, I think it must have a summer T'stat fitted, and in consequence when it's really cold outside the heater doesn't work very well. I've only had it a few months so do't know what happens in hot weather.


Mines always sat just below t

Mines always sat just below the centre.

Ollie - sounds like your thermostat has stuck open.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Mine when running in normal c

Mine when running in normal conditions is always in about 25% of temperature buth when i demand it for much more power temperature gage sit in centre.


Feroza 94 (Sportrack).....learning some of it.

Feroza 94 .....learning some of it.