Alloy wheels for Sportrack


Recentley bought my first Sportrack and intend replacing the already fitted steel wheels with hopefully a nice set of alloys more likley than not from e-bay seems to be some good deals in there.
Before considering buying knowing that i need a 16" wheel could some one please let me know what the pcd is (distance between studs i think)or any other information i require regarding wheel sizes to hopefully ensure that i actually get the right size.


Try WWW.BRONCO4x4 you should get all the information you require there.They also do some nice alloys for between £50 and £60 which look like the factory alloys which were fitted as standard to the Elxi.


Should be 15" rims on a Daiha

Should be 15" rims on a Daihatsu either Trak or Sporti. Don't know the spacings or such, but Suzuki jeeps, Lada Niva and early Jeep (CJ) wheels will fit straight on.

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