Rusty chassis/leaf springs (Sportrak)


Hi all,

I've got a bad rust patch on the chassis where the front hanger of the off-side rear leaf spring is mounted. Its rusted through and needs sorting soon. Has anyone else had this trouble with their sportrak?? Ive been quoted about £150 + VAT to sort it out - ive never had a welding job done before so does that seem resonable?? Or does anyone know anyone in the west mids area that they could recommend?!


Seems a bit on the steep side

Seems a bit on the steep side to me bad is the say its rusted right through....right through the so I am amazed..take it to other places and get more quotes...I had the top shocker hangers done on my 4 trak for £30...they will rip you off if they can m8...

Sportrak rust

I thought it was a bit expensive. I went there because a friend recommened it. Its rusted right through the bottom edge of the chassis. It looks rotten for approx 6 inchs going in the direction towards front of the car, and maybe 3 or 4 inches towards the rear. (I suppose its the lowest point on the chassis and water and muck has gathered inside.)

I had the story about the fuel pipes being in the way to weld and they'd have to bend them out of the way, and in doing so they may snap because they're rusty which would be extra cost, etc, etc, similarly to what Bort is saying in his messegages.

I'll get some other quotes on monday hopefully, although a lot of local garages don't want to know about welding jobs for some reason!

Thanks for the guidance tho,

PS - are the 3+1 leaf springs and single leaf springs interchangable, or are there any mods required??

leaf springs

3+1 or4+1 standard and heavy duty sportrak and the standard fourtrak
are inter changeable birmingham motor parts do them for £57 + vat

welding price

My old metro has welding done a few times. Which is no suprise for a Rover, but anyway it was always done at the same time as a few other repairs and the bills for all the work usually were less than £150 so seems steep to me. I would shop around a little bit.
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rust on chassis

yes just been for an mot with the same problem as
you but didnt fail on that failled on a broken leaf spring
word of warning DONOT jack the vehicle up here as i have to my missfortune now got a 10"crack along the bottom of the chassis
on the other side from the hole i hope the tester has got beer goggles on when it goes in for the re test.

Re: Rusty chassis/leaf springs (Sportrak)

Hi all,

Booked the Sporty in to be welded up on thursday at a local garage. said they'll do it for £65 (or £65+VAT depending on if i want and invoice or not!!)

Sounds a lot more reasonable than the first estimate of £150+VAT!

Thanks for all your comments,

Leaf springs fourtrak

My fourtrak always leans to the offside when it is parked on the flat, although this is not noticeable when driving. Would replacing the leaf springs cure this problem.(Yes I have checked the tyre pressures)