foutrak tyres


hi again people... i am looking to get some colway greenlane m/t's from sowden tyres as they are only 40.00 each... my mate recons i can fit 31/10.5/r15 on my wheels is this right???? and will i get and rubbing??? i have a 88 fourtrak lwb 2.0 petrol

Fourtrak tyres

30/9.50/15 is the biggest you can fit or 235/70/15 if you dont want toget wheel rubbing on the body.

If they are standard (narow,

If they are standard (narow, 5.5" I think) wheels, then no. The tyre will be too wide, and therefor unstable. If you have latter type offset wider wheels (7" I think) then you should be OK. The wider wheels are either 8 spoke steels, or tear drop alloys (Indipendent style). I had 31's on my standard F80,l with no body rub, and minour chassis rub on full lock.
See gallary:

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