Grand Move big end shells, what size ?. Not even Daihatsu know !!!!!!.


Hi Guys...Having spoken to my local Daihatsu agent they tell me there are five different big end bearings available for the Grand Move 1.6MPI but cannot tell me which will be the right one for my vehicle. I do not need oversize shells. The crank journals are not worn but one of my shells picked up. So I thought it would be straightforward to order standard shells. On their system they have five different part numbers, each part number is a full set of shells. On the description there is no mention of dimensions etc so there is no way of finding out by measuring a good shell. Although they have the engine and chassis number they have no record which shells were originally fitted. The parts operative tells me there is possibly markings on the crank web and on the engine block but looking closely there are numbers and stamps all over the place. Has anybody else had the same problem or know how to identify the correct shells. If not I shall have to opt for all five, the only problem is I have been told that orders are not returnable.
P.S. The original shells have the following stamped accross one end: 8L21T

Kind regards...Tom B.