Mira Classic Turbo Speedo Drive? Power Steering failure.


I have had major problems finding a speedo drive for my 3 cyl Mira Classic Turbo. The new shaft supplied has too many teeth and when we got a new drive and shaft they were the wrong ones. The Daihatsu Dealer (1 step below incompetent) says it is the only part number listed and it must have been a factory mod that wasnt recorded (smells of bullshit to me). Anyone else come across this? Any help would be appreciated as I have now been driving around without a speedo for 3 years.

Also my power steering has died. My friendly mechanic/auto electrician tells me it is an electric assist and that the bushes are likely to have failed. Any part numbers for replacements.

Any help would be much appreciated as this car is the most fun I have ever had with my clothes on. Blush

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