Warnings to all 4X4 vehicle owners have gone out in the Derbyshire/Peak District/South Manchester areas from the Police.

During the last month, a considerable increase in 4X4 vehicle thefts have occured in these areas, these are mainly in the more rural or remote locations. Vehicles mainly affected are Land Rover Defenders and Daihatsu Fourtrak's, this is because of their older designs, and less modern alarm systems, and ease of starting. All vehicles have been started and driven away, and the Police think it is because they are easily stolen that they are targetted.

It would be prudent for all owners to be aware as many are being broken for spares, buying a stolen engine for example, will mean that you would have to pay twice for it.
When the vehicle is stopped, and the engine number checked it will show up as a stolen engine, and therefore the legal owner is not you, but the insurance company who has paid out.
This will mean one of two things will happen, you will have to remove the engine at your expense, and return it to the insurers at your expense.
Or, you will most likely be offered the chance of buying the engine, and its title deed from the insurers, thus paying twice for the engine.

It would be prudent for all Fourtrak owners to check their security arrangements, and alarm systems, or fit a good quality system, if one is not already fitted.