biggest wheels


wats the biggest wheels i can fit on a 99 2.8 td fourtrax?

thanks ad

Tyred Out

With a 2" body lift, and a 2" suspension lift, the largest tyres which will fit are 31", these come in a variety of widths; 10" or 10.5" being the most common.

One word of advice is to purchase new rims with more offset, i.e. the centre flange is nearer the inner rim of the wheel instead of in the centre, this negates the use of wheel spacers which would normally have to be used to move the wheel outwards.
Other things which may be necessary are the possible adjustment of the steering stops, this is to prevent the tyre from rubbing the chassis due to the extra width.

32 inches


im was gonna fit spacers anyway

i was gonna cut the arches out and fit 32 inch tyres but has anybody got any advice/info on how to enlarge the arches?




Would not recommend fitting spacers, many problems have arisen with their use, most are recorded in these forums.
Cheap steel rims are a better bet, these are usually obtainable with a negative offset, thes puts the centre of the wheel which bolts to the hub nearer the inside of the wheel. This means the additional width is accommodated on the outer side of the rim.