YRV Exhaust rattle


Have just bought a YRV and just discovered an annoying exhaust rattle at the back when going over speed bumps and round corners.
Suspect a dodgy exhaust mount, but just curious if anybody else has experienced the same, and if so, how did you resolve it Unknw

Never noticed any rattle

Never noticed any rattle with the standard YRV Turbo twin pipe exhaust, nor with the 1.3 manual YRV (51 plate) I had as a courtesy car recently. Had noticed a small rattle from the Blitz Nur-spec-R exhaust I have had fitted recently but it is now and agin that it happens.

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Rattle at rear

Check out the spare and the jack, it doesn't take much slack for them to rattle and make a heck of a noise!

IIRC, the standard YRV doesn't have a rear anti roll bar.


Check your rear anti roll bar brackets where the ends bolt onto the axle, as the brackets can break Sad and cause a rattle over bumps

Now- 06 sirion 1.0 SE / 05 chrade 1.0 SL
Then- 04 yrv turbo / 98 coure +

Now- 05 chrade 1.0 SL (my folks's)
Then- 04 yrv turbo / 98 coure + / 06 sirion 1.0 SE / 58 sirion 'se' sport the list grows . . . . .

Thank You

Thank you for your responses. Very much appreciated, and looks like I'll be under the car this weekend trying to find my rattle !