Info/advice re reversing sensors Terios 04 Reg


Hello I am a new Terios Driver-what a nice car!
I am thinking of fitting:

a) Reversing sensors for "herindoors"... she says she needs them!

b) Tow bar (not for carvan towing) what are the best sort to buy &have fitted

All suggestions very much appreciated:
1] on what will work
2] don't work
or even..
3) don't ever buy theses?

Hope to hear from you

Philip B


Kits for home fitting of reversing sensors are available from many suppliers, these are DIY fitments and are easily fitted.

Euro Car Parts stock a good kit, they were around £60+vat last time i looked; Maplins electronics recently had a similar kit on offer for around £30. Suggest you look on their web sites for information.

Many reputable tow bar manufacturers around, try Towsure, these are based in Sheffield and will advise accordingly, you can order their catalogue online. Most mount onto the manufacturers designed towing mounts and are an easy DIY fit. These also supply dedicated towing wiring kits for specific vehicles, this is as easy as identifying the wiring plug, undoing the plug, then plugging the wiring kit in.
Towsure also offer a fitting service, many people i know have had excellent service from them, prices are competitive, and they were well treated.