Which to buy? Rally 2 vs 2005 1 litre???


Hi Guys I'm new to the forum.

Me and my Girlfriend decided that we wanted a sirion ages ago. We are getting close to passing our test but are not sure which to get, the Rally 2 or the new style 1.0 litre? heres the choice

Sirion Rally 2 1.3 Litre (around 2003)


+ Has all the extras of the older style Sirions.
+ Very Sporty


- Higher insurance/Tax
- Lower MPG
- Less safety features
- Not as up to date

Sirion 1.0 litre (new style, around 2005)


+ Economical
+ Modern
+ Lots of features
+ Safer than Rally 2


- Not as fun to drive

As you can see we have the choice of the high performance rally which does have alot of extras, or the newer style that is safer and more modern and has more features. But it is a car we are going to have for potencially aong time, so we dont want to get bored with it. i know you cant make the decision for us, but for the same price what are you thoughts on each and can you tell me any of the details about each, such as features that arent widely known.

Thank you for your help guys!


Hi James, I don't know

Hi James,
I don't know whether you have seen my recent posts but I have just acquired an 03 Rally 2 and it's brilliant. For a 1.3 its quick as long as you keep the revs up and I like the look better than the new Sirion, but that of course is a matter of taste. Build quality on the Rally 2 is faultless really but after all it is a Daihatsu!! My Daughter has an 03 Sirion 1.3 EL and has had it from new. Nearly 60,000 trouble free miles. The main problem with Rally 2 is finding one!
I bought mine before selling my present car a Skoda Fabia Estate 05 with 31000 mls which now I think I've sold. But as you can see I have come down in value as I like the Sirion so much!.

As regards the new model. You will find it cheaper to tax and insure. Yes it's safer and more modern. The downside would be: it's much slower, overtaking is not as easy, but worst of all is depreciation. I've seen an 05 model (think its on Ebay) 21,000 miles around £3500. You could buy a Rally 2 for less and the depeciation is virtually gone. They only made around 250 I believe,(all in the UK) so who knows they may even increase in value. Your insurance costs need to be checked before you buy though!! Cheers.