ecu connection point help help


hi can anyone tell me were the ecu connection point is on my s reg hi jet 1.3efi as I have looked everywere and still cannot find the point to connect my computer to detect faults.

also does any one know were the fuse box is ive have found the one under the steering wheel, is their any other fuses or fuse boxes that i may of missed as i can only find the six under the steering wheel.

and also does any body no were I can get a wiring diagram for the electrics.

sorry about my crude spelling and lots of questions, but this information will really help me out.

thanks for any help you can give.


ECU point

Hello mate, i asked this question to a main dealer only last thursday. The answer is, the ECU plug in plug was only fitted to hijets built from 2002 onwards!!! Thefore you and i dont have one fitted. From 2002 onwards it is found under the righthand side of the steering column/wheel and is identified as a blue plug the dealer told me.

As far as the fusebox issue i can only find the 1 to the left of the steering column also and ive been all over my van since buying it 3 weeks ago. Mine is a 1999-V reg 1300 EFi/LPG van. The dealer told me that they would just use a crypton tuner/gas anyliser to check for setup.

Hope this helps. Regards. Brendan


yeah thanks brendan for that info, myself and the mechanic spent hours lookin, but now we know why we couldnt find one. many thanks

also on further investigation on the location of the fuse box, their appears to be two more fuses in the engine bay which is very useful to know, as last week one of then blew and my hijet would not start, not exactly sure of their location, as the mechanic told me but did not show me. if I find out of their exact location I will post in general section.

many thanks jay

As far as I am aware there

As far as I am aware there is a diagnostic plug on pre 2002 models, as far as I recall it is a square thing with 4 pins?? I do not know of its location, but I do have the error codes, so it must be there somewhere!

Diagnostic socket

It only became law for vehicles to have a standard 16 pin diagnostic socket from year 2000. Prior to this, some manufacturers started to fit these sockets, because they knew that the legislation was coming. Some continued with their own version until year 2000, and some did'nt fit any at all. The diagnostic socket is usually only fitted to vehicles with fuel injection and electronic ignition. Mostly, they are fitted around the steering column area, but I have seen some cars with them in the passenger's glovebox !