Hijet mpv showing Daihatsu OE Alloys as supplied in mid 1990's


This is my old Hijet mpv which I bought when new. It shows the Daihatsu original alloys as discussed in a previous thread.

Hijet MPV showing alloys

Hello mate, lovely looking and certainly rare looking MPV hijet. Ive never seen one like it. Is it an import version??? I like the alloys as well. Its a shame you dont have any detailed info in regards to sourcing them.

Kind regards. Brendan.

Hi Brendon, No it's not an

Hi Brendon, No it's not an import version. As I said I bought it from HL Gorner of Claham N.Yorks. They were Daihatsu dealers but I don't know whether they still are as I moved to Lincolnshire some years ago.
She was sort of an Ex-demo model. They had registered her but if I remember rightly she'd only done around 200 miles. They did make a point of telling me she was a top of the range model with alloys extra body kit etc. She was a real head turner in her day. As for sourcing the alloys, they MUST appear somewhere in Daihatsu archives but other than that I don't know. Anyway at least you can see what they look like (poor pic though as it's a photo of a photo if you see what I mean!!)

Note for Brendan...

Just as a footnote, I see from searching Google that HL Gorner of Clapham closed down in June 2003 after Mercedes (the bulk of their business) centralised and withdrew the franchise. The whole business closed including the Daihatsu/Kia sales. So we're back to square one Brendan...sorry about that!


Oh well, never mind eh matey. Its a great shame that more stuff is not readily available for these vehicles as im sure in the eastern japan countries items are plentyful.

Kind regards. Brendan.


Oh! and if you're wondering who the handsome young chap is stood by the Hijet...No,! its not some highly paid model....IT'S ME!! and thats 10 years ago so you can imagine what I look like now!!!!!

Nice wheels

Hi-Jet alloy wheels were available years ago on new vans, but later discontinued. No other wheel will fit a Hi-Jet because of the unique PCD. Search the other threads, and you will find info on how to get alloy wheels. I am currently working on fitting new ones.


hia mate ive just bought the

hia mate ive just bought the same mpv but havin a spot of trouble with over heatin. ive been offerd all sorts for her but wont get rid. unless swomeone has a real good rascel. as you know this little van is very rare, an a real head turner. mark