F78 fourtrak fuel filter wires


Can anyone help me, i have an m reg fourtrak 2.8 turbo diesel. I am replacing my fuel filter at the moment and am at a loss as to what some of the wires to it are for.

I know the blue connector at the bottom of the fuel filter is for the water seperater and will let me know via the dash light when there is a build up of water.
I am unsure as to the reason for the two wires, one red and one black at the top of the fuel filter. The black wire connects as an earth to the filter and i think is an earth, the red wire goes into the filter housing. I though that maybe this was a heater element but after ringing my local daihatsu dealer he said it was all part of the water seperater. Im dubious about this because i ahd an older fourtrak, it had the same filter and blue bottom connector but no red and black one at the top!

Can anyone tell me what it is for????



I'm not sure of the wires

I'm not sure of the wires you're talting about, I dont think mine had black +red. But I've got a spare filter housing if you want it.


Thats really good of you mate, i went to the car this morning and it wouldnt start so i have stripped and cleaned the housing and replaced the filter element. I will connect the wires as they were and try it.
I will let you know if it works or not. Once again thanks for the offer and thank you for replying to the post.