Those forever faulty Hi-Jet sliding doors... Any advice?


Hey everyone,

Sliding doors on vans seem to have a reputation for not shutting properly. At least that's what I have heard from others, and now my passenger side sliding door seems to be refusing to close properly. Either a slam is required (which I hate doing), or else a firm push over the rear latch is needed.

Down right annoying...:( Has anyone got any advice or secret remedy to making these things close smoothly and effortlessly? Is there some secret knack to getting the adjustments right? Help

I've examined the driver's side door, which closes nicely, but I can't figure out where the door on the passenger side is going wrong.

I'm sure I'm not the only one on here with this problem. Anyone else wanna add their experiences with this? Scratch one-s head


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Hijet side doors

Hello mate, ive got the exact same problem with my van as you have although i have noticed after giving them both a really good greasing up on the runners and checking all the mounts are secure and tight that some time my passenger door does shut ok but only when the van is parked on leval ground for some strange reason!!!!

I think slamming the doors shut makes em worse so gently does it is the way forward i think. Give em a good grease up my friend and see.

Regards. Brendan.


I've got the same problem, oddly enough it's also on the passenger side! Which is really odd, because logically I would have thought the drivers side would be more worn!

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those side doors................aaarrgggg

Hi all, i had the same, encounter to sort out, what i did, and its worked well for me,is,(apart from as what has already been said,re, good copper sliping,)(GREASING) the tworetaining screws out which the door latch fastens on to, they are the 2 flanged bevelled one,s with a phillips head,lob them out and replace them with 2x10 mill blts x about an inch long, this allows the striker plate to be moved a little furtherin towards the van,hence closeing that gap up AND closing the the properly, without a slam,its worked on my , ,vanand hasnt been a prob, since, Rob, from cleethorpes.

R .S