Just bought a Rugger


Newbie Here.

Picking it up next week,can anyone tell me anything about them???

Has anyone else got one????????

Should the timing belt be done at 60k???

I bought it to tow my Jimny to off roading events.




They are made by Daihatsu, and have four wheel drive!

Seriously though, the timing belt and tensioners should be changed at 60,000 miles, and they will tow 3500 Kgs.

Main things to look for are the service history or maintenance records to ensure it has been correctly maintained. Prop shaft UJ's are sometimes prone to wear, gearboxes can give problems if the mainshaft nut comes loose, the power steering pump mounting bolts can shear. None of these are difficult or expensive to easily and quickly repair.

Bodily, check the rear wheel arches and rear floor for rust caused by water and dirt penetration, and general underbody abuse from heavy off road working.

Then just do the general vehicle checks.

Hopefully nothin to bad as

Hopefully nothin to bad as far as rust goes it was only imported in 2005. Going to give it a good wax oil or the shultz stuff.

I'm keepin this one clean. Only off roadin it'll be doing will be into a field to get the Jimny on site. Smile

Jimny Puller.

i have one but i think older

i have one but i think older than yours,mines an 1989,imported 2000. no problems yet. there is a picture of it here somewhere. (my new truck) i think? my first 4x4 and i love it.


Hope it is in good condition then, remove the rear trim panels, this gives access to the inside of the rear wheel arches, inspect well in there, and if all is well; treat.
My preferred method is to use an industrial paint, this is sprayed on and many thin coats are put on as it can be directly applied to bare steel, but does require air fed visor to apply.
When this is dry, i spray an industrial version of Waxoyl into this panel, this is not Waxoyl, but a compound we put into steel for use offshore on oil rigs and the like.
Similar principles can be applied using other materials.

Over the rear end, particularly above the fuel tank, i clean off thoroughly, as this area traps dirt and acts like a sponge, i shotblast then use a Waxoyl underseal. This self heals, and takes several applications to get my desired result, Dinitrol also do a suitable range of products.

Do inside the chassis and sills, insert a hosepipe inside and thoroughly wash out, and treat; this way it will last for years, a lot of work but the payback comes in the future.

general maintenance

Ditch the chimney and use the daihatsu i would..ha ha, yep just what assassin said, rust is always the killer problem with em..

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!

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