pitman arm


hi all,my f78 needs a new pitman arm and i had a quote from daihatsu in cardiff , new arm and fitted for &150.00 is that any good or are they easy to fit as the arm itself is &56.00 from daihatsu thanks all-Dale

do a search for 'pitman arm'

Been here before.

Quickly, the job is pretty easy IF you have a very mean balljoint splitter.

Actually, I shim up my pitman arm in the body-mounted bracket to eliminate the end float which causes the pitman arm to kick upwards when you attempt to turn the front lh wheel to check play in the steering balljoints.

In truth, it's a crap design. Lots of attention has been paid to the fit of the pin in the bush, but sweet f. a. to controlling the endfloat. All they did was to rely on a deformable bit of plastic which wears out.

Someday, I'd like to come up with a proper set of bearings based on a couple of taper rollers and a vernier adjuster.