Stiff throttle pedal


the throttle pedal is quite hard to push down. I was woundering if this was common or if i should investigate

throttle pedal

hi, this is a problem which i also had with my 1.3 hijet, but it has now corrected itself as mine was stood for 6months, but i did also spray the springs and followed the cable all the way to the engine bay spraying as i went, this seemed to solve the problem, or failing that just replace the cable and this will hopefully help.

ive just replaced my speedo cable myself saving about 100 pounds, so maybe you could do this youself as my speedo cable was 57 pounds from the dealer but got one for 13 pound now works great.

hope this helps


Throttle cable

My Hijet 1.3 also had a stiff/sticky throttle pedal, check the metal bolt mounting for the plastic pedal unit as they can fracture. Grease it thoroughly too. I also greased the cable, even removing it several times, but it never cured it. New cable (about £35) and it was fine!