Rocky querie, leaf springs versus coil springs ?


Hi everyone, my daughter is in the market for another Rocky, having had a J reg model for several years, she has just got to get another one, preferably one with Independent suspension and Coil Springs !!!.

I would simply like to know when did the Coil Spring version start ?, i am assuming this is the same time the Wheel Arches were made much bigger and wider.

I can verify that the ride in a Leaf Spring Rocky is bloody awful, i hope the coil spring model is more comfortable to ride in !!!.



Independent's were from 93, these were better in many areas, and worse in some; it is down to usage and preference.
Coil sprung models were better riding on the road and also had wider tyres on them, this helped with the cornering and front wheels losing grip in corners. Consequently, despite more articulation, they were slightly worse in harsh off road conditions, heavily worked ones will often have the end of the coil springs, both top or bottom, snapped off.
Leaf springs were worse riding on road, but slightly better off road, but this difference is marginal and a good set of off road tyres will overcome this slight deficiency.
Coil sprung models were better for low to mid range towing weights, and leaf springs for the upper end of the towing range, and are better in softer working conditions such as crossing grassy fields and working on road in snow.

thanks assassin

very helpfull buddy, thanks.

we are going to look at a 98 model R reg rocky tommorrow morning, after our J reg rocky has just died, i'm pleased it will have independent suspension, it will mainly be used on A roads for to and from work and the occassional towing a horse trailer with one or two horses in it, and definitely NO off roading at all.

The miles i have travelled in the leaf sprung model will be forever etched in my memory !, bloody awfull, i sat in the back hanging on for grim death !, it isnt quite so bad when driving it, as at least you have the steering wheel to hang onto !.


We have now plumped for a R

We have now plumped for a R reg rocky, saw it on Autotrader and put a deposit on it on saturday just gone, picking it up next saturday, the fella is taking the old rocky in part exchange, although it will cost us £60 to hire a "man with a lowloader" to get it there !.

the only minus point on it is the alloy wheels do seem a bit TOO corroded, i wonder how bad do they have to be before they fail the MOT .



'93 Fourtrak 2.8TDL

I'll say it again; Nice!

'93 Fourtrak 2.8TDL

Corroded Rims

If the alloys are badly corroded, they could become structurally unsound, but this takes a considerable amount of corrosion to weaken them.

If this is an issue; take the rims off, remove the tyres, and have them shotblasted with a fine medium for alloy. Clean them thoroughly with cellulose thinners and respray them with etch primer first, then colour coats (3 fine coats), then a couple of coats of clear lacquer.

Optionally, remove one wheel at a time and fit the spare, remove the tyre and sand them back by hand, then paint and lacquer.

thanks assassin

thanks assassin for that very detailed advice there, we have now got it home and i've had another look, and they arent quite so bad as i first thought, it seems it is just the top surface finish has come off in places. anyway it does ride a helluva lot better on coil springs .