Alloy wheels side view...




Hijet alloys

Very smart my friend. Very smart!!!

Wheel arch spats

Hello mate, where did you get the wheel arch spats from please?? i will need a set as ive just fitted my alloys and they stick out. Regards. Brendan.


Hey Brendan,

Got them online. They're cheap shite from a site called Go there and type the word 'arch' into the search bar, top left of the screen. A list should come up where you need to choose the second item down: Wheel Arch Extensions. They come in black or chrome!

Everything going well with your improvements? Post us some more pics! I'm keen to see what you've been up to!


Arch spats

Thanks for that mate. Had a look at them. I think i will go for the black ones as they will match my bumpers. Do they fit the hijet ok or did you have to trim them to size???? It says they are stick on?? Is yours just stuck on or did you make additional fixings??

Ive now got my White 13 inch KN minators with polished rims. I ordered a set of 5 in total. Im well pleased with them and they look the dogs bollocks. Handles alot better now. Ive also had a white tubular steel front nudge bar made and ive fitted it also with some round lamps. At the moment my modified rear roof spoiler off a renualt 19 is being shortened and sprayed white. I should get it friday so once its fitted i intend to take more photo's of the van ( Zeebra 3) and put them on the site for all to see. I hope this big meeting gets off the ground next year as it would be a great day out for all Daihatsu owners/enthusiasts to meet up and swop ideas.

Im well pleased with my van and its runs like a dream at the moment. I use both fuels all the time to ensure optimum efficiency. Cheers again mate and have a great xmas. Keep em peeled for my new pictures. Brendan.

Just stick on...

A 3M adhesive strip, sticks right on. No other fixings. Haven't had a problem with the adhesive so far. Wow! Can't wait to see it! Smile


Arch spats

Hi mate, ive ordered some in black like yours as they will blend in with the bumpers. The chrome ones would have looked out of place i think as there is no chrome on the van. Just waiting for them to arrive.

One question i have mate is have you had any issues with the side doors clearing them on the rear arches as you open the side doors or do they clear ok??? It just looks a little tight gap wise with the side door open. I noticed this last night as i was cleaning my van and though Oh shit, the doors wont open with the spats on!!!!! Hope they do or it would have been a waste of £30.

Ive had my roof spoiler done and its now fitted. It really looks the dogs bollocks now and i will upload some new photos of Zeebra 3 tomorow for all to see.

Thanks. Brendan.