YRV breaks stuck on


A few months ago the nearside front breaks started sticking. I removed the pads, slide pins etc and cleaned them all up and re-greased them. A day later and they were binding again, so I pulled them apart again and re greased etc. When driving its barely noticeable until you pull up and notice that the car wont roll and occasionally you can hear a knocking noise as they cool down. There is evidence of overheating on the break disc, and the pads have crumbled slightly on one of the edges. When pushing the piston back into the caliper, it feels nice and free. The pads themselves are a tight fit. Could it be a case of new pads, or is it likely to be the piston sticking? The slides seem ok and movement is ok. Is there a common fault on the yrv? I don't want to have to buy new calipers unless I really have to.

Many thanks in advance.

Sticking Break Pads!

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I would have thought it would be the same for any brake pads so here are my thoughts, maybe it will help.

Remove the pads again (Do you have the little Stainless Steel Shims top and bottom of the caliper as on the Sirion)
Remove the little shims if you have them not forgetting which way round they went.
Wire brush all rust off everything, clean up shims and put back on Caliper - Make sure no rust on edges of Pads as well.
Use copper grease on all edges which will touch any other edges and I always put a smear on the back of the pad as well where it contacts the piston.(Don't put any on the actual pad !! HE HE)
If that doesn't work then I'm stumped. Ah Ha Make sure the pins are the correct top and bottom and you have not switched them around I beleive they are slightly different.

Here's Hoping.. BobF.

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Mine was complicated

Firstly, I'm no mechanic but my recent experience may be of interest and who knows, Useful.

I had a Skoda Fabia. The car had done only 31000 on a 2005 plate.

When driving the brakes appeared to be binding. My local Skoda specialist decided the rear discs and pads were badly worn so replaced them and greased and freed all calipers/pistons. The brakes became worse and the rear brakes began binding again. This time the 'specialist' garage rang Skoda and it was decided a new Master Cylinder was required so one was duly fitted. The brakes became even worse with all four wheels binding and blue smoke coming from the front nearside wheel. In all the scenarios mentioned it was found that pumping the brake pedal would free the wheels until next time the brakes were used and then the binding started again. Finally and again on Skodas advice the Servo was replaced and that cured the problem. (all in all over £400 spent)

I do hope in your case it is a case that greasing and freeing the calipers works but if not then checking the servo first might save you a bit. Best of luck.