Best MT Remould? Sahara? Dakar? Amazon? Recip?


Hi im on the look out for some new MT's for my sportrak but as its just a weekend run around/off roader im only really looking at remoulds for around £60 inc VAT max. Im currently running on 235/75/15 Colway MT's and they've been an all round good tyre, but now time for a change as the tread is running low. I've been looking and found Insa Turbo Sahara's/Dakar's, Technic Amazon, Recip Trial M/T or even Bronco Roughrider's.

Anyone wishing to share there views and opinions on the best to go for, they would be greatly appriciated.


i would go for bronco grizly glaw very rarely get stuck with them only when you run out of ground clearence mind i run one recip mt on the front because i got a burned out grizly and never had a problem with them cheap has well ive heard stories of them being axle breakers or half shaft breakers but ive run them round wales quite a few times and never had any probs


Hi i run kumho kl71's keep

Hi i run kumho kl71's keep me on the move when things get tuff and good road holding. around £70 fitted

Bucking Bronco's

Bronco are a good off road tyre at a reasonable price, they are good in most conditions and easily available, many people swear by them on daihatsu's.

Kingpin Amazons

I bought 4 x 31x10.5 Kingpin Amazons from Ebay to go on my Fourtrak for £200 .
Might be a bit big for a Sportrak but I was impressed with them.

Plenty of grip even in the gloopy stuff and fairly stable at motorway speeds.
Just wish I had more ground clearance to get through the Abingdon 4x4 festival mud run.

ive got some 31x10.5 insa

ive got some 31x10.5 insa turbo sahara 4x4 there realy aggressive but to be honist as far as agressive tread and off road performance and value for money i would go for the recip mudterrains, with the chevron tread pattern