engine tuning


I have a 2.8td independant, i was wondering if anybody has tried making one quicker ( i know there not meant to) how about a bleed valve to turn boost up on turbo ! turn diesel pump up a bit ! induction type air filter !


What do you mean they are not designed to be turned up a bit? they operate at around 33% of their designed power output.

Seriously; you will need a tuning specialist to modify the fuel injection pump to deliver fuel in the right manner, and at the right amount, as well as increasing the turbo wastegate pressure slightly. Ensure an intercooler is fitted as it needs this at higher outputs, and ensure the conversion matches the additional boost to the fuel increase.
Being a Bosch pump it is easily modified, as is the wastegate; i have converted several fir use in boats, they run about 150BHP and have been extremely reliable.

now thats what i wana here

now thats what i wana here 150bhp im going to have to look into doing this, maybe quicker than my car Unknw

just to add, can any rolling

just to add, can any rolling road tuning company do this, cause bloke who does my 205 gti does wonders with it, or is a job for a diesel expert Unknw


You will need a diesel tuning expert with the capabilities to modify the turbocharging and fuel injection systems. On modern vehicles this is done by reprogramming the ECU, but as you do not have one it is good old fashioned tuning.

Tuning Bosch pumps is easily done, as id the turbo system, but you will need a larger intercooler, and larger feed pipes, the intercooler must be more thermally efficient. Exhaust systems will require changing along with the manifold to improve and tailor exhaust flow to the increase.
On a boat this is no problem as the exhaust can be sited almost anywhere as long as its water cooling injection system is fitted and its water trap installed. as with boats it would be advisable to go for a stainless steel exhaust system.

You do realise that the original engine was tuned for torque and not power, it will be good on road, but very poor off it as most of this low end torque will disappear.