New Chrade - when is it going to be released ?????


New Chrade Its out in Germany so when here???


New Charade!

2003 Sirion SL 1300. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape much.

Looks very similar to the Hyundai I10.

And that is a nice car - I know cos my wife has one!!


Cheers, BobF.

2003 Sirion Rally 4. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape Sirion much.Sorry.

New Charade

I wouldn't hold my breath!

The UK distributors are very poor at getting the market right for Daihatsu - when everyone else is bringing out tiny city cars, they stop importing the Charade/Mira/Coure.

Everyone has a retro model and yet they didn't give us the Gino, despite continental Europe getting it. Scratch one-s head

I'm fed up asking my dealer this, but when are they going to bring out a natural replacement for the YRV 130 Turbo?

A 104 bhp 1.5litre Sirion is not really in the same league Sad

4car had it on their new car

4car had it on their new car listing for January 2009 but how accurate that is would be anybody's guess!

I doubt there will ever be a proper replacement for the YRV Turbo 130 yrv130. I loved mine when I had it but I don't think they sold in massive numbers. Plus apart from the Sirion/Boon X4 I don't think there is much else in Daihatsu's lineup to replace it.

As for the retro car, again would there be enough demand to warrant importing it? I'd imagine because quite a few European countries sell Daihatsu's in left hand drive they can add things such as the Gino to sell. It's a shame as Daihatsu do have some brilliant little cars that would probably be ideal over here now.

Come on DAIHATSU get your act together

I would not mind betting that they keep an eye on this site?

When i spoke to my local dealer in Somerset, they said that the delay was due to the high demand for the engine abroad ~ i have to say that with the current finincial crisis and peoples awarness of trying to be that much greener i find that a tad hard to believe

I have a feeling that the answer is that the demand is not being passed up the line from the dealer.

They must have some sort of focus group here in the UK

My existing 04 plate Charade has now done 93k miles!
Luckily for me i opted out of the company car scheme and bought it from new negoiating a 3yr servicing thrown in with it

Company pay me £350 a month to run it + business mileage at 11.8ppm then i claim the tax break back from the Revenue as the company do not pay the full allowance.

By the time i paid the tax on the £350, i got over £13k in 4 years ~ well and truly paid for the car
Ok i had to pay for the servicing from yr 3 onward + tyres etc but i'm well in on the deal



New Charade

Maybe they (Toyota) don't want sales of the Aygo to be affected?

Doesn't it use the same 3 pot engine as the Charade/Mira/Cuore?

heard a rumour

I heard a rumour that daihatsu got a little chastised by toyota (they own majority share of daihatsu), for the sirion 1.3 and YRV 130 as they were more exciting than toyotas own range, explains the lack of excitement in the curent line up.