wipers fourtrack f78


hi all,went to use front wash wipe today and no wipe just screan wash moved wiper arm down to try the normal wipe and all working apart from wash and wipe any ideas please thanks

Dodgy Contacts

Usually this is a dodgy contact in the switch, it can either be from accumulated dirt or wear on the contacts.

Remove the offending switch and spray with liberal amounts of electrical cleaner to try to clean the switch. Some can be dismantled if you know how to allow you access to the guts, if this is possible you will be able to see the problem. Other switches cannot be dismantled, if it cannot be dismantled, and cleaner does not work, it is a new switch.


hi-thanks for your help but i forgot to tell you it is the front wipers and i have sprayed the arm and still not working,would you no if it would fail an mot as it squirts the water out but does not wipe so i just move the arm down to normal wipe and works on slow fast etc any help thanks -Dale

mot testing wipers

no this will not fail an MOT as the washers still squirt and you can put the wipers on if you move the switch to its wipeing position. I am an mot tester and would not fail this item as many cars work in the manner that your truck now does. regards russ m/c mot tester