HiJet pickup 1300 efi "dead"


My hijet pickup normally a first time starter will not start. There is no sign of petrol on the plugs and I cant detect a spark, there is also a clicking noise from the dashboard area when the ignition is on - almost like the sound of a bad battery terminal (which I have checked) It is a 1998 with just a few miles over 50K on the clock and normally runs like a sweetie. It has been in my garage for about six weeks without being started before I tried last week. Would greatly appreciate any info as I am completely stumped.

Insufficient amps

If the engine is not cranking and only gives a 'clunk' then its a knackered battery. 'Clunk' indicates there is insufficient amps in the battery to enable cranking of the engine. Using a test meter and measure the voltage between the battery terminals - could show output less than 12volts. Use a battery charger for 24hours and try again.

"DEAD" HiJet

The engine is cranking OK it just doesn`t fire at all - not even a murmur. Someone suggested a faulty relay but couldn`t elaborate. Would appreciate any other input.

Have you checked the coils?

Hi Yakmot,

I have a 1999 pickup, similar mileage and similar problems. Does yours not fire at all? Having looked at mine it has a couple of dud coils (not actual daihatsu ones)hence it is not turning over, it has been suggested that if i were to got these fixed it should be back up and running. The electrics on these things seem pretty delicate at the best of times! Hope that helps?