Top Up transmission oil???


Ive just changed engine oil in my 1999 Fourtrack 2.8 TDX - a simple job, but I mistakenly undid wrong drain plug and let some oil out of front transmission (at least I think thats what it is - big drain plug at bottom middle of engine, cut out in sump guards ect to allow access) . I cant obvioulsy see where I top it up - can anyone advise?? { Think I'll stick to sending it to the garage in future - first time ive attempted this simple job on a Fourtrack and, as they say, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!)

Any help appreciated!

Well Oiled

It sounds like you've drained the front axle oil, this is easily replaced. Before changing any oils in future, remove all the underbody protection so you can identify the components prior to draining any oils.

To check and top up the front axle, remove the guards, get a 30mm six point socket and look at the front face of the differential, about halfway up is the filler plug. With the vehicle on level ground, ar with the front end slightly uphill, remove the filler plug, top up until it runs out of the filler hole, and refit the plug. The engine sump plug is located on the rear of the sump on an angle, and the gearbox filler plug is located halfway up the nearside of the gearbox.

All gearbox, transfer box, and axles are 30mm, this is the filler and drain plugs, the sump is 16mm if memory serves, but it is certainly much smaller.

Engine oils is mineral, not synthetic 10/40

ALL transmission oils are EP 90, or 80/90, or 75/90; any of these can be used as they are all now synthetic.