Kuhmo KL71 M/T Tyre pressures


Hi there, Wanting to get a bit more adventurous off road so i have bought a set of Kuhmo KL71 M/T tyres (at the recommendation of 4x4 Magazine) for my Fourtrak ('95 TDX ind).

They are 235/75/15 what pressures should i run these at for optimum traction off road? I've spoken to Landrover owners who say i should drop them down to 14psi! Scratch one-s head
Its mainly going to be soft mud/ moorland that i will be traveling on.
Any comments greatfuly received.

Mark a line across the tyre

Mark a line across the tyre tread with chalk, drive forwards a so the wheels revolve a few times.

If the mark is evenly worn then you are running good pressure.
If it is worn on the outside its too low.
If its worn in middle its too high.

Off road you can drop it right down but risk poping the tyre off the bead.


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Under pressure

Many off road tyres are designed to operate at lower pressures off road, Kuhmo being one of these, you can run them at 15psi safely off road with care.

Do not spin the wheels, the clamping force is reduced due to the lower pressures, on the bead lock, and avoid severe side slopes as these may remove the tyre from the rim. Inflate then with a protable electric inflator before going back on the road.