Fourtrak engine into a Sportrak electrical probems


im putting a 2.8td into my sportrak am aware of some of the mods i have to do and that the geering will be different, im just not sure on the wiring and whats involved in wiring up the fourtrak alt into the sportrak as i it looks like the fourtrak has a seperate voltage regulator and my sportrak dosent can anyone help?? and is there anything else electricaly i should be aware of (H reg sportrak carbed and its a L reg 2.8td
intercooled if that helps)


Not worth the time, expense, and effort; although it is possible; the Sporty is a light duty version of the Fourtrak, and here lies the first problem; the chassis is simply not strong enough.

You will need the matching gearbox, propshafts, axles, master cylinder, fuel filters, additional wiring circuits for high amperage items such as glow plugs etc.

It is simpler, easier, and cheaper to buy a Fourtrak which has everything suited to the engine.

Problems encountered have been cracking of the chassis and crossmembers, inappropriate gearing leaving a very low top speed, and many more.


i am well aware if what might happen the chassis on the sportrak and what i need to change i only need the wiring digrams for the alternator iv got a complete fourtrak for the bits i need to change and im know how to wire up the glowplugs im just after wiring diagrams fot the alternator on both the sportrak and the fourtrak