Urgent advice needed on buying 4trak


I'm going to look at a 4trak on Saturday 13th.

I've had a talk with the character selling the vehicle and have a few ideas of my own as to what I think. I'll tell you about our phone conversation and ask you what you think of the deal.

The vehicle is an M-reg (1995) 4trak with 57000 miles on the clock.

The seller is selling it with a spare set of wheels and chunky tyres. I asked him if the vehicle had been off-roaded and he said 'no'.

I asked if the cam belt had been replaced and he said he had done this at 53000 miles (it's meant to be done at 60000, but it aint often I have heard of people doing it before ! ).

He also said that the brake discs had been replaced and the pads.

In the picture in the ad, the vehicle looks very shiny and the tyres look very good.

The seller only has a mobile phone number.

Do you think it is worth me driving 100 miles to Banbury to look at this vehicle?

Earlier tracks were chain dri

Earlier tracks were chain driven so did not have a cam belt...Cant quite remember when they started fitting belts..but they did.

It would be pretty easy to see if the discs and pads were new just by looking at them...new pads are pretty thick in comparison to those found on cars.The discs will be nice and shiny with no pitting or a tell tale ring of corrosion around the edge (which is quite normal on older discs)

Ask to see the receipt for the cam belt change.

57,000 miles is nothing for a Fourtrack..in fact its pretty low..the engines are fabulous and if properly maintained will easily get to 200,000.

There are a few things to look out for...

Check for rust under wheel arches/under carpets inside vehicle/

Get under the vehicle and have a very good look for corrosion of flooor pan.

Yank the prop about..there should be no/or very little movement.

Check all electrical stuff works..lights,heater,wipers..everything.

Insist on a test drive...take her up to 70mph...listen for any untoward noises from engine/prop/gearbox/wheelbearings etc

Check that all gears engage...

Check that turbo light comes on at around 2500 revs (this is located in the speedometer unit..on mine the light is green when on.

Give the fuel tank a good looking over..they are notorious for leaking.

Even if this particular track has seen a bit of offroad...so what..thats what they are designed for..on that topic...check that the 4wd system operates correctly.

Check wiring loom is securely attached by the clips to the underside..they can corrode and come loose.

If it has a towbar..check the electrics for this work.

Give the vehicle a good going over...hes selling and you are buying..its up to you to satisfy yourself that your buying what you are paying for.

I aint seen the car ..but from your description it sounds well worth a look.

Dont be rushed/pushed or cajoled into buying..its your call..if it dont seem like its all its cracked up to be..dont buy it..theres loads of em about m8.

By the way if you do buy it and want to get rid of those offroad wheels..I'll ave em m8 WinkWinkWink

If you need more advice...just ask Smile

Thanks, guys.

I suppose I'm being greedy, but having lived with my Fieldman since new, I'm looking for one with 4 seats as well.

Personally, I'm suspicious of the whole deal.

It takes one hell of a lot of abuse to knacker a pair of discs by 57000 .... for example mine are only slightly grooved with 90000 on the clock and at the end of their second set of brake pads.

Now, I don't go out and buy a set of chunky tyres and rims if I don't intend to seriously offroad, so I'm a bit confused when the guy says that the vehicle hasn't been offroaded.

It's also definitely weird to replace the timing belt well before its time. I did mine at 62000. It's not that difficult, but just damn tedious, having to strip out all the front metalwork. Maybe it's possible without taking the bumper off etc. but I prefer not to skin my knuckles more than necessary in tight places. Including flushing out the cooling system and replacing the fan and power steering belts, the job took me a little over a day. The crankshaft pulley was a pig, having got a bit rusty ..... don't you just love the picture of the inscrutable oriental gentleman in the manual, easily pulling the crank pulley off with minimum sweat (not with Plus-Gas and a huge puller ! )

Thanks for the hint about corrosion on top of the chassis members and checking out the towbar electrics I'll take a trailer board with me.... I'd forgotten about that.


Regarding cam belts, i always get mine done early so it may be a good thing!

brake discs, wish i could get 90k out of them, my mondeo went through a set every 30k, depends on where you live, ever been round milton keynes??

I would say go see the car and have a good look, may be a dog or might be bargain of the year.

Best of luck



Buying a Fourtrak


If you ask to look at the off-road tyres you'll soon see if they've been used or not, and if they have ask what vehicle they've been used on. you will probably be able to tell if he's bluffing! Also, if you have a good look round underneath you'll see if there are any scratches, or dirty and mud sitting on the chassis cross-members (my sportrak collects loads of mud, just carefully run your fingers over the top of the x-members). But as Mike says, if it has been of roading its not a problem as long as everything is ok.

Ask for receipts for work thats been done if you cant tell - if there arent any then too be on the safe side assume if hasnt. I dont think cam belts are that expensive anyway to do again, especially if its a good deal on the car.

About the mobile number, as if he's got a land line number you can contact him on - just make up something about the cost of calling a mobile! If you're viewing at his house then its not a problem cos you'll know his address.

Good luck,

Cam Belts

If Im in any doubt about a cam belt I get it changed, Infact its the first thing to be done on any vehicle I buy, even if its done less than 60K. Engine mangling is not good.
It's entirley possible he changed it early, or even as soon as he bought the car himself.

Sounds pretty good, why not check it out for yourself?