really need help on this guys and thank you


my simple question is, can any leaf springs of the same lenght of a 1986 daihatsu rocky be fited?
that way i have a much wider form arch and at the same time gain some lift, please i would like to know everything about replacing or restoring leaf springs

Leaf Springs

Do you really want to know everything about leaf springs, it will take years of learning.

Leaf springs are manufactured from different material sizes with different characteristics, so altering these will mean either a very hard ride with no suspension movement, or a very soft ride with the vehicle liable to give you seasickness.
Hardening and tempering processes alter these characteristics to a degree, giving a harder of softer springing level, this is why other springs cannot be fitted if you want to maintain the ride and wear characteristics.

Restoring or even manufacturing leaf springs is possible if you have the right material in the right size available, and the correct hardness and temperence specifications. You will then need an oven to heat the entire spring uniformly, and a bosch to harden them, in addition you will need considerable experience of the hardening and tempering processes to harden and temper correctly. Over hardening will mean the spring snaps as you hit your first bump, under hardening means your vehicle will ride as though the springs are made of jelly.

This is the simplified and very abreviated version.

leaf springs

I am just talking about take them out, clean, sand, paint and put them back with new rubber bushes. that's just enough right???