Daihatsu Copen



I am looking to buy a Daihatsu copen but dont know anything about them.

Can anyone tell me if they are reliable, ecpensive to run, are the parts expensive?

They are so pretty!!

Thank you




2003 Sirion SL 1300. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape much.

The Copen is based on the Sirion. Same engine (Well almost)
Same running gear etc.

The Sirion is extremely reliable (Dont forget Daihatsu are part of Toyota)

The Copen is very reasonable to run.

Most Daihatsu Genuine Parts are quite expensive. But you can get "pattern parts" (Not Genuine - But normally good) from many places these days.

But you shouldn't need any. All Daihatsu's are reliable as long as you service them when you should and don't kick the Sh-t out of em!

Cheers, BobF

2003 Sirion Rally 4. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape Sirion much.Sorry.


The Copen is not based on the Sirion at all!

It is a Kei car (google it!) and was built to meet Japanese tax laws. Therefore it owes more to the Mira/Cuore than the Sirion.

The latest version to the UK has the same 1300cc engine used in the Sirion and YRV, to meet EC emmisions, as originally it had a 660cc turbocharged engine.

The fuel consumption figures are generally described as 'disappointing', so its not an economy car. They also have some issues with rust and suffer from 'scuttle shake'. Cray 2

Few people on here seem to have these interesting cars, so I would recommend you look in http://www.copenownersclub.org.uk/ for some advice from the owners.

Good Luck Smile

Hi There, The copen was

Hi There,

The copen was featured on Top gear a few years ago and they liked it. If you want some idea on how much parts are for the car then have a look at www.japaneazi.co.uk

As mentioned Daihatsu are part owned by Toyota and therefore a reliable car maker. In terms of keeping it serviced then I wouldn't think it would cost much, my YRV Turbo is quite cheap to service (Every 6 months) but a majority of that is just down to things such as Oil changes.

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