leaf springs


i have a 1988 rocky lwb 2.8 non turbo and i needs new or well shape leaf springs all around, my question is if i put leaf springs from another truck (toyota,hyundai,nissan whaterver etc) and move the hangers either front or back wherever it needs to be moved to fit the springs how do i align the differential to the death center of the wheel wells so all the components can be fit perfectly, has anybody done this before,does it works perfect,does it provide a smooth ride or the same, and what are the advantages and disadvantages. thank you.

Since the springs are

Since the springs are designed and made for the fourtrak, springs from another vehicle will mess up the steering, ride, economy and you'll have ruined the chassis of your 'trak by modifying it to take the different sized spring. It would also be unsafe in my opinion. You really need to find fourtrak springs off a scrapper or dealer.