Hi Jet overheated & then LPG not working


My Hi Jet overheated last week. Local garage changed the thermostat and made fan work all the time, seems okay, but it won't run on LPG now. It starts on LPG [2 leds showing = 1/2 a tank] but then the engine 'fades' immediately. Garage say they haven't touched anything other than the cooling system, though the thermostat is apparently underneath the handbrake. I'm just wondering if there's something to do with the LPG near there and it's been knocked/disconnected in some way?

Also, petrol gauge packed up during December.

Hi. Check that they've


Check that they've realised that the hijet has two radiator caps. The one under the seat and the one under the front grill. If they have and the front grill radiator/cap has been topped up then I would say there may be an air bubble, I find it quite easy on my to get air out which is stuck in the poor routing of the coolant hoses which enable air pockets, so try to massage / push these out. Also under the drivers seat is a bleed valve for the water cooling?side of the vapouriser. Whilst your doing this you may aswell flush it out with a hose, I don't know what the water flush additives are like for effectiveness but it won't do any harm

The gas gauges have a bad reputation for acurrascy "apparantly", mine seems fine though. So it will only cost £7 to fill it up so fill it up just to eliminate this possibility, maybe the extra pressure will be beneficial? Ironically

I came on here to look for a link to a site for the lpg filter as apparently they should be changed over a period of lets just for arguments sake call it 12 months. Another point is that there is an odbm connector inthe gas system i think so would be interesting to seee what you could connect to it, maybe the bluetooth ones off ebay?