Hijet Sliding door handle broken pin fix..


ok so how many of us have sliding doors that we can only open from the inside?
i found on my hijet on the outer door handle is a small pin that levers against the spring mechanism (arrowed). thing is the plastic round the base of the pin has broken off (red dot line)= not enough leverage to set the latch mechanism off.

this isnt a sales pitch.
last year i bought a Plastex repair kit for my motorcycle panel. i never got round to using it on my bike and the bike shop repaired the panel for me (love Ekquire MC).
Plastex is a resin that sets rock hard, bonds to most things and you can mould plastic parts from it. file down afterwards.

so this eve i repaired the door handle pin and it works a treat, will be doing the same to the other door handle this weekend. bit more filing and its ready