Zeebra 3 Hijet van update picture



My latest mods are now fitted. See commercial section for more piccies.


Wow dude!!!!


I've gotta hand it to you! You have done an absolutely fantastic job!!! Way to go!! It's so nice to see someone out there who really appreciates the unique design of these vans and their potential as a creative blank canvass. Your little 'Jet is blessed to have such an attentive owner. Nobody appreciates these vans like you and I. I've gotta start back on mine now as you're outdoing my efforts completely!!! Jealous indeed!!

Glad the arch spats worked out for you, they look sweet! Blum 3


Canadian... eh!?

Wow dude

Thanks for your kind comments about my van. I love it to bitz mate. Im gonna get it bottom halfed resprayed this year to include colour coding of the bumpers so it wil then be finished apart from a sunroof too!!!!

It keeps my prized Daimler off the roads for sunny use only!!!. I did post a picture of my Daimler on the commercial gallery for all to see.

Kind regards. Brendan.