Timing Belt Change 2.8td


I am about to change the timing belt on my fourtrak, as I am unsure when it was done last. I just wanted to get a consensus on whether a belt alone is ok or whether the idler/tensioner is recomended at the same time. Belts seem regularly available cheaply, but the kits seem very difficult to find, and expensive if you can find them. Just thinking if the idlers feel ok should I be ok to just do the belt. Thanks.

Belt Up

Where there is any doubt with a timing belt, then renew it, irrespective of mileage as these degrade and suffer internal cracks over time. Chance the tensioners also, these are a fundamental part of the timing belt system, if tensioners are not available they can be repaired.

Inside the tensioners are a ball bearing, these, with care, can be removed and the part number will be seen on them. Simply contact a bearing specialist supplier, quote the number, and they will instantly find you one from stock. If the outer has worn from the cam belt, you will need a lathe to turn a new outer to the same dimensions and simply reinstate.