Fourtrack 1997 Gearbox & Transfer Oil Change


Hi all,

I want to change the oil in my Gearbox and Transfer.

Could anyone please give me some tips. Which bolt is the filler exc. I've heard some bad stories about unding the wrong one.

Many Thanks


The one not to undo is the

The one not to undo is the reversing bolt on the gearbox. Its located on the Near Side right at the top of the box. If you take it out, you may have to drop the box to get it back in, so don't :P. The Transfer case plug is easy to find, as its the only on on there. I can't remember where the gearbox plug is off the top of my head, but its the only other 24mm bolt on the box(other being the reversing one). The Tbox is a 24mm too. Make sure to check your axle oil too while your under there Smile