4wd confusion


hi i have a 1987 daihats rocky 2.8 non turbo and am a little confuse about the 4wd stick, please correct me if am wrong when i am running on the road normal does it have to be o 2wheel lo or neutral. my other question is when i am offroad in the mud do i have to select 4wheel low or high first and than set the hub on lock or first set the hub on lock and than select 4wheel low or high. thanks

On the road you need to be

On the road you need to be in 2 wheel high. Off-road you should use 4 wheel low for very tough conditions where you travel at very low speeds and 4 wheel high when you are moving a little faster over slightly better conditions. You need to engage the manual hubs on the front wheels when your in 4wd. If you put it in neutral you won't move anywhere. Make sure you don't have 4wd engaged when your on the roads or another hard, unmoving surface.