Where to buy Adjustable Shocks/Dampers for YRV Turbo



I currently own a YRV Turbo which I have modified quite a bit. One of these modifications was done by replacing the standard springs with Tein Lowering springs. The car has been in the garage recently for it's interim service and I have been told that both the rear shocks are leaking. As people will know, buying parts for these cars is a bit of a challenge, and buying upgraded parts well just to say even more of a challenge. I am now on the look out for some Adjustable dampers/shocks. Can anyone suggest anywhere to buy these from?




Do they do adjustables?? Wink

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Current- 04 Silver YRV TURBO
Past- 91 Charade GTti, 89 Charade GTti, 98 1.3 Hi-Jet.
A friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend always in need, an Effin nuisance Wink

adjustable dampers for YRV

I bought some AVO (Northampton) Road Sport adjustable dampers for my YRV Premium and they fitted with just minor adaptations by AVO.

My car's rear suspension bottomed quite frequently with two heavy people in the back and I was seeking to cure this problem.

First I fitted the anti-roll bar from the Turbo (fitting holes exist in the common twist-beam rear axle) and this radically improved handling, but I had forgotten that the anti-roll bar has no effect at all if both wheels hit a ridge across the road. That's when I bought the AVO dampers. They are excellent if you are a keen sports driver, but I'm just a brisk-driving retiree.

My eventually sensible cure for the bottoming, after much experimenting with the various components was to retain the anti-roll bar, use the standard gas dampers, fit a set of progressive springs supplied by Daihatsu NL, via Daihatsu UK and remove the rubber snubbers.

In the standard YRV without anti-roll bar, the long stiffish snubbers are intended to limit cornering roll amongst other things and it was actually these bottoming that caused my problem. Fitting the anti-roll bar removed the need for long snubbers, and adding the progressive springs removed the need for snubbers at all. I've had no problems and the car handles like a dream, despite the progressive springs adding about 15mm to rear ride height.

In all probability my bottoming problem would have been solved perfectly well by just fitting the anti-roll bar and removing the snubbers.

YRV Tony

YRV Tony

Hi Tony, Thanks for the

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the reply. I recently e-mailed AVO, specifically their sales department and got a mail back saying that they did not provide shocks for the Daihatsu YRV. Can you tell me what type of shocks you bought from them so I can go back to them?



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AVO adjustable rebuildable rear dampers for YRV


In case anybody else is interested I thought I would post the essence of the details that I emailed you here.

"From AVOs universal Road Sport range I chose the TA 190/120 dampers for my YRV......fully open 19ins, fully closed 12ins. I had done some research to establish that the OEM dampers were manufactured by KYB and that they also provide aftermarket dampers for the YRV, which are better specified in the public domain, so that I could select damper length and stroke.

AVO were fantastic. The boss Nigel was very helpful and so was Conrad who did the work. The standard AVO damper's settings are for a heavier car than the YRV so AVO measured the damping rate of the KYBs on their damper test machine and revalved their dampers and substituted a lighter fluid, such that on the softest setting the AVOs were close to the KYBs.

Another mod to the AVOs was the chamfering of the bottom corners of the damper body to miss the shoulders on the YRV bottom fixing brackets.

When driving quietly with the AVOs the dampers can be heard. They make a slight tapping sound when driving over small irregularities and occasional 'chirping' noises over bigger bumps. These noises are normal for lightly set dampers they told me.

When fitting the AVOs you need a slightly larger washer at the top end than is used with the KYB, to ensure that the top of the damper can't move sideways. This wouldn't happen with the KYBs as the bushes are bonded metalastic, whereas the AVOs are push-in metal and plastic bushes".

YRV Tony

YRV Tony

I've been struggling with

I've been struggling with the same problem for a couple of weeks now. I need those adjustable dampers really badly. I'm going to try my luck with europerformance. Thanks for the link BobF!