move 850cc turbo engine needed which will fit ?


hi i have a 1997 move 850cc and really want a turbo engine in it just dont no wheather 1 will fit please help

engine for u

Easy way: Try find engine from L610s(EF-RL).. will be fit in straight away. If u got a front clip or full braking car that will be sweet..

Moderate way: find any daihatsu engine that code start from EF like..
but not L250,L700s/710s(EF-DET)
What u need is the engine, fuel system, wiring & ecu. It will fit in almost anything from your 850cc engine.. (gearbox, alternator, powerstering pump..etc)

Hard way/hardcore!!: find any EF engine, fuel system, wiring & ecu and mate with your current engine block. make sure you used piston from the turbo engine. I suppose, the block will need to rebore 2mm to fit in. & u got 882cc turbo!!

Have fun!!