'Daihatsu at cost'


Has anyone had any dealings with 'Daihatsu at cost' - www.daihatsuatcost.co.ukUnknw They seem to give very good discounts e.g. new Copen which has a list price of £13,495 OTR they are doing for £12,197. Don't know how as they are UK, main dealer warrantied cars.

"Daihatsu at cost"

No idea what daihatsuatcost.co.uk are like but I've recently bought a Daihatsu Copen from www.diahatsudirect.co.uk in Skipton North Yorkshire and got leather seats and metalic paint for £13,000 on the road including deliverly on a small transporter to anywhere in the UK.

Just went to have a look at t

Just went to have a look at their website. It appears that they have turned into Daihatsu Direct. I emailed them with an enquiry a few weeks ago and haven't heard back.