Disc's and Pads. 72,000 miles.



Discs and pads off my 53 plate Sirion. Completely beggared.
Inner pads scored to hell.


Bob F's Sirion discs and pads


Can't believe the state of them. Mine were nothing like as bad as those, when Mot failure was threatened. My discs are still shiny on the outside face.

Unless the car had been left standing unused in a very damp place for a very long time since the last MoT, I can't see how they got through the previous MoT, nor how you got smooth braking - if any! It almost looks as if the caliper sliders were stuck.

YRV Tony

YRV Tony

Brake pads and shoes!

2004 Sirion 4 Track. Lovely car.
Don't like the new shape much.

They had been very shiny.
I took the picture a day after I'd taken them off.

Amazing how quickly they started to rust isn't it.

Nothing was stuck I can assure you. Iv'e been an ole time machanic too long.:)


2003 Sirion Rally 4. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape Sirion much.Sorry.