leaf spring bushes


i need to replace the spring bushes on my 1986 2.8 non turbo daihatsu rocky. what i need to know is, i know i can get them from milners offroad and eventhough is cheap is going to cost me a fortune to have them ship to my country ( panama city,panama central america ).

my question is:
1. what is the correct size for the inner eye let of my daihatsu rocky
2. is the inner hole of the bushes the same or does it has a measurement as well.
3. are leaf spring bushes universal
4. i would like to know everything about them so i can get the correct size so i can buy them here at any local part store.

Take Off !!

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Don't like the new shape much.

Take the bushes off so you can measure them and get the same type.


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Don't like the new shape Sirion much.Sorry.