Websites that sell Procomp shocks in UK



Can anyone provide me with any shop websites that sell procomp shocks for Sportrak? By googling I found but the site is unavailable and his contact number does not exist.



speek to dave at bloodred offroad

Pro comp shocks

Sadly Pro-Comp Explorer ceased trading before christmas, I have been searching for another shock supplier since then with little success but have now found an alternative. Unfortunately they don't carry the Daihatsu fitments as stock, I have got a batch on order though and am waiting for their arrival soon but Pro-Comp's manufacturing plant in the US is now working short time due to the economic climate there so it may be a few weeks before they arrive. Once they do I will have shocks in stock for Sportrak and both leaf sprung and independant Fourtraks.
I also have CNC alloy body lift kits and prop shaft spacers in manufacture, have a look on the website for availability.
Best regards
Blood Red Offroad Ltd